We are McArthur Industries, a group of companies specializing in making your automotive and caravan a whole new driving experience. Take a turn towards an opportunity to improve, transform and revive your ride. Discover this opportunity here at 113 Connaught Street, Sandgate, Queensland. We offer auto electrics, auto air-conditioning, and caravan customization services, and more! Engineers and mechanics expertly provide you the one-stop auto repair shop that makes your automotive and caravans the safest, best and most reliable vehicle on the road!

Our Services

Experience the best and highest-quality of automotive and caravan services. Professional engineers and mechanics are at the ready to serve and upgrade your vehicle.

Mechanical and Automotive Electrics

Quick and lightning fast! We fix your automotive’s computer and electrical systems to their best functions.

Automotive Air Conditioning Services

Experience the fresh air indoors. We install, repair, and provide maintenance to your auto air-conditioner and cooling system.

Caravan Services

Bring comfort to your caravan with our determined repair and maintenance professionals.

Caravan Customization

Connect with your caravan and bring soul to your drive! Personalize and customize your caravan to be amazing you want it to be.

Solar Power Installation

Power up your caravan with expert solar sales and insulation for your eco-friendly and practical electric source.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Conquer the skies and have custom metal works manufactured for your aviation, commercial, and industrial goals!

4x4 and Outback Touring

Prepare yourself for the road trip. Traveling with functional spare caravan wheels keeps you worry-free to drive the road ahead.

Marine Electrics and Repair

Marine vessels are also within our reach. We want our clients to reach the expanse of the sea with our marine electrics repair and maintenance services.

HID & LED Lighting Upgrades

Brighten the path ahead of you, and take your evening drives to the most lively experience. Upgrade your automotive and caravans with HID & LED lighting.

Experience High-Quality Services

The 3 easy steps to have your vehicle transformed to the best version it can be!


Step 1. Vehicle Check-Up and Diagnostics

Set an appointment and have our experts check your every precious part of your vehicle.


Step 2. Repair, Maintenance, and Service

Experience the best repair and services that will make your vehicle better than ever.


Step 3. Easy and Efficient Payments

More efficient and reliable! Our easy payment transaction makes sure you get

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What Clients Say

Todd Fitzgerald

Just want to recognise the short notice work that the team at allbrand did today in fitting my Redarc brake controller. Great service and in 24 hours from enquiry to fitted! I’ll be back for my other electrical jobs.

Todd Fitzgerald

Phillip Redmond

Tod is the man. He has an awesome business operating at Cognaught Street Sandgate. We take all our fleet to him and his people. Perfect job every time.

Phillip Redmond

Kevin Cheetham

A big thanks to the team for the short notice service and repair of electric brake magnets on our Billabong van. Customer service +++!!!

Kevin Cheetham

Lance Dasey

Had trouble with an underbed ac and spoke to Rachel at AB and got a roof top Horton fitted.Great service and top workmanship and I am very happy with the finished job.I would not hesitate to reccomend the company and Rachel for any caravan related problems.

Lance Dasey

Glenice Kelly

Fantastic service!! The customer service staff were very helpful when making a booking & on arrival. The service staff explained all of the work that was undertaken. A big shout out to Tim who took that the time to show me the piece that he was replacing & how it all worked. Even though l had no idea what it all meant!!! Thanks guys

Glenice Kelly

Years of Excellent Service

Satisfied Clients

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Our Latest News

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